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Animal Spirit was founded May 28th, 2015 by Nada Jan Youssef. It is the result of her own journey.

Nada is originally Dutch and has been living in Egypt since 2004. Being a law graduate and having worked in the corporate field for many years, in 2012 Nada decided to change the direction of her career. Since then she has explored theater, dancing, acting, drawing and painting with great success.

Animals always visited Nada in her dreams. She never paid much attention to it until she went through a tough time in her life, facing a traumatic experience from the past. Animals kept appearing and it was a friend that made her aware of the shamanistic belief that all human beings have totem animals. Nada started to study this idea and learned that animals are archetypal and their characteristics can teach us about our lives at the time of their appearance.

Whenever an animal shows up, be that in a dream or in real life, it is good to stand still for a moment and ask ourselves what we are engaged with at that time, what we are thinking about or going through. Then linking back to the specific animal that we have seen, we may find ourselves surprised as to how much its symbolism is resonating with our own situation. Suddenly we become aware of the strength that has been there always inside us and we can feel empowered to overcome whatever kind of obstacles we may find in our life at that time. Or we may simply find the trust and patience to take things one step at a time knowing that we will get there.

On Nada's personal path all kinds of animals have appeared as messengers and teachers. Some were rare and unusual encounters while others were usual day to day ones. All had importance. One night a magical encounter with a lonesome fox in the middle of Cairo city announced a period of solitude. Another night a dream of a wolf encouraged her to trust her intuition more and find her strength. While Nada’s cat, Rima, with her very strong will always reminds her to do what she wants and let nobody stand in the way to achieving her dreams. And so on..

The messages of "less glamorous" or even "scary" animals like mice and spiders turned out to be as special and powerful as those of the other animals. Even more, the animal that scares the most is likely to show something important to come to terms with.

Besides being scary, spiders are a symbol of eternity and teachers of the alphabet; as weavers of their webs their presence may warn us that we are responsible for the results of our actions. By doing what we do today we build what happens tomorrow. It may not surprise you how mice on the other hand, can be a signal to pay attention to minor details, whereas ants may appear when it is time for cooperation and snails when there is a need to slow down and be more patient.

Interpreting each and every presence of animals in her life opened up a whole new world to Nada. Thankful to those beautiful and important lessons that taught and empowered her so much as a person, she decided to dedicate her artwork to animals to honor them and at the same time encourage other people to be aware of their messages, which will help them on their own path of development.

Nada initially started making bookmarks with handmade pastel drawings and messages of animals reflecting her personal journey. The colorful work quickly became popular and in order to reach more people she decided to print them. More products were developed like mugs, notebooks and journals. Therewith an dream is coming true, for Nada to make her living as an artist using her previous experience in law, business administration, sales and marketing. Please be welcome to check out the products under "Products".

Since 2016 Nada has also been developing The Animal Spirits Work, guiding people into visualised meditation to meet and interact with their spirit animals and therefore enabling them to (re-)connect with strengths and capabilities and heal certain blockages. Besides meditation Nada is also working with the imitation of animal movements and sounds as a tool to tap into the energies of specific animals. Further she is a Reiki Practitioner and intuitive reader of Tarot Cards. She is giving workshops and individual sessions in Cairo to those interested. Please be welcome to read more under "The Work".

With this website Animal Spirit does not intend to give detailed information about shamanism, animal symbolism and all the possible messages that animals could have for people. There are already so many others that have written extensively about this topic. Animal Spirit's mission is simply to bring awareness to you, of the Power of Animals and how their messages can positively impact your life. For those that are inspired to learn more, the following books and websites are recommended for exploration:

Animal Speak, Ted Andrews, ISBN 978-0-87542-028-8
Animal-Wise, Ted Andrews, ISBN 978-1-888767-63-6