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Indigenous, shamanistic cultures believe that human beings have one or more totem/spirit animals that accompany them. Usually there are one or two lifelong animal companions and during particular life periods other animals appear. They could appear in spirit form, in dreams, or in daily life. The animals come at a time where their archetypal powers (meaning their qualities and characteristics) are relevant to the person in question. They chose the person and may make them aware of their own powers, which they will find reflected in those of the animal appearing.


The Animal Spirit meditation is a guided visualised meditation using a shamanistic approach. In the meditation Animal Spirits are allowed or specifically asked to appear with the purpose of showing their characteristics and strenghts. Basically the animals function like mirrors, showing people their own abilities. Tapping into the animal powers enables one to succesfully experience and (re-) connect with own powers and qualities.

A guided visualised meditation is a good way to find out what your lifelong or temporary totem or spirit animal(s) are. Animals tend to chose the human being (and not the other way around). 
During the meditation you have the opportunity to meet, interact or even play with those appearing and receive answers or guidance. Just observing the animal's behaviour or facial and body expressions can function like a mirror. At the same time it is a way to tap into their energies and "medicine". 


Since long time animals were imitated in dance rituals by indigenous cultures. Imitating animal movements and sounds is a good medium to call upon specific animal's powers when you are in need of them. Meditation, see above, can be used as well to tap into the energies and "medicine" of the animal by visualising it and its qualities.


A Tarot Card reading can give clarity about multiple aspects of your life. For example it may answer the question why someone is feeling blocked in their life or career; not able to take a certain decision; or what the underlying reason is for (re-) occurring physical problems or relationship related issues. It can show solutions or possible steps to be taken to remove these obstacles.

Tarot is believed to be a reflection of the universe. Its 78 cards contain imagery and symbolic derived from Egyptian, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Hebrew and Christian esoteric wisdom and religion. The cards represents all facets of human consciousness and provide a path to self awareness and spiritual growth which in its essence appears to be the same for people of all nations and cultures worldwide.
Cards used in the readings are Crowley's Thoth Tarot, Rider Waite Tarot, Animal Oracle Cards, Tarot of Marseille and Atman Buddhi Concentration Cards.

A reading is not a prediction of the future. Its purpose is to give clarity about the present and to provide insights for possible ways to move forward. The future unfolds upon your own actions.


Another type of treatment that is offered is REIKI: Reiki is channeling divine energy. It balances the energy in your body. Reiki works on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It can reduce pain and ease depression. Feelings may be clarified and perceptions improved, it helps open the chakras. You may experience relief or reduction of stress, a greater sense of relaxation, an increase in balance and harmony on all levels. When doing REIKI Nada Jan may receives messages from Animal Spirits.


A reading and a meditation often complement each other, as a guided meditation often is the appropriate tool to address the issues surfacing in a reading. It can also assist in finding further clarity and over all tends to have a deep healing effect.


For Nada Jan the work with animal spirits initially was a very special part of her own personal journey. To pass this positive experience on to others, Nada, who obtained the Reiki III level in 2013, has been developing The Animal Spirits Work since a few years. Being a passionate reader of Tarot Cards as well, she realized how intuitive readings with their illuminating and healing effect could be a complementing part in the process and she decided to integrate them in her work. 


Working with indigenous practices in a modern jacket Nada encourages people to start their journey of (re-) discovery of their inner strengths and qualities. Other than that she hopes to bring people back in touch with nature and raise awareness of the importance of old shamanistic traditions. She is giving workshops and individual sessions in Cairo.


- This work enables people to tap into energies/archetypal forces of animals that resonate with them. This has an empowering effect since it will open the people up to see their own abilities, reflected in those of the animal appearing. Other than that they may feel inspired and protected. 
- People will come to reconnect with and appreciate nature in general and animals in particular. 
- The participants will also become more aware of the presence of animals in their Egyptian heritage, whereas the Ancient Egyptians as many other ancient cultures used to depict their Gods and Goddesses as animals.


Nada offers private sessions in Zamalek. Booking and payment should happen in advance, cancellation is possible till 24 hour before the session - in this case you can reschedule your appointment. Contact Nada Jan by email or phone to reserve your private session now. A session lasts 1 up to 1.5 hour. Inbox for more information. Email: Mobile 010-0087 5578 (whats app) or 010-9804 7543.ype hier je alinea.